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GROWTH (MK-677) or Nutrobal is an orally administered growth hormone secretagogue & SARM that is designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormones (GH). A secretagogue is basically a natural substance that causes another substance to be secreted.

GROWTH (MK-677) was originally formulated to keep health problems like osteoporosis, obesity and muscle wasting, but has been seen to promote an increase in lean body mass as well as a boost in IGF-1 serum concentration during clinical runs. GROWTH (MK-677) is considered to be a great alternative the traditional Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and will produce similar results with none of the side effects.


Concentration: 25mg/mL

Volume: 30mL

The ideal dose of GROWTH (MK-677) is between 10 to 25 mg daily in a 10-16 week cycle. Each bottle has 30ml with an average dose been around 1ml (1 full dropper squirt). Each bottle will last around 30 says.

Recommended Combinations

1. Endurance: Many endurance athletes have been looking for an safe and legal alternative for human growth hormone, so naturally, we can deduce that GROWTH (MK-677) would work beautifully for this purpose. Stack it with 20mg a day of MELT (SR-9011) for a lethal endurance stack, and blow away your competition on your next bicycle/road race.

2. Fat Loss: GROWTH (MK-677) is so good at preventing fat gain and fighting obesity, that it is almost impossible to gain body fat on it. However, you can take these effects even further – stack it with MASS (S4) and MELT (SR-9011) to get a lethal fat burning triple stack.

3. Mass Gain: Being able to gain mass without the fear of spiking your body fat measurement is something we all wish for, but unless you have tremendous genetics, it is very difficult to accomplish. GROWTH (MK-677) evens the playing field when stacked with GAIN (LGD-4033) and anabolic steroids.

4. Overall Health: GROWTH (MK-677) can give an improved mood, sleep, cholesterol levels, injury healing, and immune system boosting. Stack with TEST (RAD-140) to get a perfect stack for those who have let their bodies go due to injury, or who are in between cycles and looking to improve their overall health without risking anabolic steroid use and having a setback.

Ingredients/ HLPC Purity Report

GROWTH (MK-677): (R)-1'-(2-methylalanyl-O-benzyl-D-seryl)-1-(methylsulfonyl)-1,2-dihydrospiro[indole-3,4'-piperidine], Food-grade USP glycol, food-grade ethyl alcohol and essential oils.

Please email [email protected] for the latest HPLC purity report.


Cool and dark space like a cupboard or pantry.

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