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AUS LABS is a premium scientific research supplement supply company who are dedicated to uncovering the latest and most effective research supplements available. Our Australian and International team of researchers have spent years developing a range of products that allow qualified researchers to test approved subjects to possibly build large amounts of lean muscle mass, sherd kilos of body fat and feel like they are in there 20's again in test subjects.

We do this by utilizing a group of chemicals that have taken the international fitness industry by storm; SARMS. The name SARMS stands for "Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators" and they are quite simply one of the greatest discoveries since traditional steroids.

Androgen Receptors are situated in muscle, bone, body fat, and connective tissues. SARMS work by directly targeting the androgen receptors in these areas without effecting the bodies natural hormones, while achieving similar results as seen in traditional anabolic compounds. The initially researched benefits are lean muscle gain, body fat reduction, increased muscle recovery, increased bone density, halting and even reversing the effects of ageing and connective tissue strengthening and repair. However these products are for research only and not for human use.

The binding of SARMS specifically to the androgen receptors remove any of the negative, hormone based, side effects associated with traditional anabolic compounds. This makes them safe and effective even for females or those who have no experience with supplementation. However we must stress these products are for research use only.


Human consumption is prohibited and proof of research/approved persons must be provided if requested.

body fat loss

SARMS is believed to have to behave like traditional anabolic supplements while reducing the associated side effects. Some of the reported effects initial tests include:


Avoids bone loss and increases bone density

Untraceable (select products)

Decreases the threat of prostate problems in men without muscle mass loss

No estrogen conversion

Similar effects to testosterone and other anabolics

Oral liquid with great fruit taste

For those looking to research muscle gain, research on test subjects using SARMS have initially proven to:

Muscle loss prevention (during cutting period)

Faster injury recovery

Lean muscle development

Joint healing abilities

Improved strength

PCT use following anabolics

For those looking to research loosing fat, research on test subjects using SARMS have initially proven to:

Extreme body fat loss

Thermogenic response greater than traditional fat burners

Increased muscular endurance

Fast and effective results

Tested sarms

AUS LABS we takes absolute pride in producing the purest and highest quality SARMS. We produce our products from a state of the art medical grade facility with a team of 4 international pharmacologists assisting our research team. This facility is food grade and is subject to regular regulatory inspections.

We are also in industry leader in several other branches of pharmaceuticals such as nootropics and custom API blends showcasing the quality of our elite team of staff.

99% PURE VERIFIED SARMS: All products are HPLC tested by an AUSTRALIAN 3rd party and produce a minimum purity on >99%. We also provide guaranteed in-house COA's so you can be ensured that your product is the correct concentration, unlike many other watered down labs.

FOOD GRADE USP GLYCOL: We use 100% Food Grade USP glycol (found in almost every processed food or medicine) This is not harsh chemicals like other suppliers like use. This is a food grade suspension matrix which is the most effective way to compound SARMS. Other suppliers use Grape Seed Oil as a ploy to rope in customers. Grape seed oil can only be used when the raw powders are first dissolved using a solvent to suspend correctly, usually a harsh petrochemical. Any company that pushes grape seed oil as a "healthy alternative" is absolutely false as these are usually highly processed and contain GMO'S. Concentration may vary considerably if they are not using the correct process.

FOOD GRADE ALCOHOL: We dissolve our raw powders in a very small amount of pure 100% food grade alcohol to ensure even concentration. This can sometimes give a taste similar to vodka.

CUSTOM FLAVOURINGS: Lastly we use food grade flavourings custom blended for our formula to create fruity, easy to swallow products. Flavours very depending on availability.

Want to find out more about the quality of our products?

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